USACO Silver - 1 (Online)

USACO Silver course, Part 1 (of 2).



Classes meet online every Saturday from 9:15 am to 11 am for 12 weeks. Online meetings start on Sep 15 and end on Dec 8 for the Fall 2018 semester (Dec 15 is the makeup date).



Mr. Kurt O'Hearn



USACO Silver course has two versions: Regular and Advanced. Although the topics in both versions are the same, the regular version of the USACO Silver course contains more lecturing and relatively easier problem sets compared to the advanced version. Part 1 of the USACO Silver course (which consists of two parts) covers the following topics:

  • Review of loops, arrays, matrices, strings from the USACO Bronze level
  • Sorting and searching
  • Simulation problems
  • Greedy methods
  • Ad-hoc search problems
  • Recursion
  • Floodfill


Classes start with a lecture on each week's topic, and include a problem-based discussion of the topic under the moderation of the instructor. During the week that follows, students are expected to complete the corresponding problems on the LMS system. Expected student commitment is about 4 hours/week (for online lectures & homework assignments). Instructor and peer help will also be available (through email & discussion forums).


Note: Students will be able to move through the problem sets on the LMS at their own pace.


Expected student background:

Suitable for students who have successfully completed the Absolute Academy USACO Bronze course. Might also be suitable for students with significant prior programming and algorithmic problem solving experience. Please refer to the USACO Silver course page for further details.

USACO Silver - 1 (Online)

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