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Summer Camps: Welcome


We offer a wide variety of courses in Math and Computer Science for students in grades 4 through 12. Our course offerings start at introductory levels (suitable for grades 4-6) and build upon each other, growing in terms of contents and complexity with the development of our students. In our courses, we use the highly successful A-Star Program, which is a problem solving based curriculum designed after the prestigious Math and Computer Science competitions such as MathCounts, AMC 8/10/12, USA(J)MO, and USACO (at all four levels).

A competition-based approach allows our students to know what to expect in the actual competitions and test their knowledge throughout the year, providing valuable feedback for their academic developments. As explained in our curriculum description, it also helps students distinguish themselves during college applications. For instance, AIME is an invitational Math exam which typically a few thousand students qualify for nationwide. In Computer Science, only a few hundred high school students can achieve the USACO Gold status. Such achievements are distinguishing factors for admission into top universities. Benefits of our approach into Math and Computer Science education also extend into college studies as the lecture material and problems in our advanced classes are at the level of junior to senior level college classes.

Summer Camps: CS
Summer Camps: Math
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