USACO Platinum Level Programming

Advanced level programming & algorithmic problem solving for students ready to/already competing in the USACO Platinum division.

Course Description

USACO Platinum course is for advanced students who are ready to/already competing in the USACO Platinum division. The course covers major topics at the USACO Platinum level, and focuses on strategies for solving algorithmically challenging problems in the most efficient, yet simple ways. The main goal of this course is to help students qualify for the USACO National Camp.


Following topics are covered:

  • Dynamic programming
  • Advanced data structures
  • Advanced searching techniques
  • Advanced graph algorithms
  • Advanced dynamic programming
  • Geometric algorithms


It is recommended that at least one of the following requirements is satisfied for enrollment into this course.

  • USACO Platinum contestant,
  • Scored more than 600 in any USACO Gold contest.


This course is currently offered only as a full-day course during summer camps.