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FALL 2018

Online Classes

We offer online courses in the Fall to train students for the USACO (USA Computing Olympiad) competitions (which usually take place from December to March).

Our current Fall online course offerings are designed to build upon those taught in the Absolute Academy 2018 Summer Camp. Depending on their background, they may also be suitable for students who have not participated in the summer camp. Please contact us before registration.

Fall Offerings


Pricing & Key Dates

Registration Steps

  1. Identify the course offering that is most suitable for your child:

    • USACO Bronze Advanced: Focuses on the challenging exercises and USACO Bronze problem sets from the summer camp curriculum. Suitable for all Absolute Academy Summer Camp students who have participated in the USACO Bronze course. May also be suitable for students with a good programming background in C, C++, Java or Python.

    • USACO Silver - 1: Introductory lectures and problem sets targeted towards the USACO Silver competitions. Suitable for Absolute Academy Summer Camp students who have completed the challenging exercises and USACO Bronze problem sets during the summer camp. May also be suitable for students who have passed the USACO Bronze exam or have taken an AP Computer Science class.

    • USACO Silver Advanced - 1: Topic reviews and challenging problem sets (compared to the regular version of the course) targeted towards the USACO Silver competitions. Suitable for USACO Silver Summer Camp students, or those who have already been competing at the USACO Silver level.

  2. Visit the corresponding course offering page, and add the course to your cart.

  3. Pay for the deposit ($200/student) online to reserve your spot.

  4. Remaining balance can be paid through personal check or Zelle:

    • For check payments:

      • Payable to: Achieve Academy, Inc.

      • Address: 2050 Tamarack Dr, Okemos, MI 48864

    • For Zelle payments (available through Chase, Bank of America and most other banks):

      • Phone number: 240-650-4664

    • Sibling discount: If registering multiple children for online classes, take $100 off for each child after the first one, while calculating your total registration fee.

    • To complete registration, full payments must be received by Sep 12, 2018.

Important notes

  • By registering for a camp, you agree to Absolute Academy's terms & conditions.

  • Availability is on a first come-first serve basis. To keep a low student to instructor ratio, we limit our online classes to 7 students per class. Additional sections may be opened based on demand and instructor availability.

  • Clarification regarding the payment process: Our checkout system assumes there will be shipped goods by default. Aside from email updates you will receive as we approach the start of classes (and a course handbook if your child has been registered for the USACO Silver - 1 course), you will not be receiving any shipments from us. The fact that you were able to place an order serves as a confirmation that we have a spot available for the camp offering of your choice. So please ignore any shipment related emails, and thank you very much for choosing Absolute Academy!

Registration Info

Fall Offerings


Course Offerings and Times

All classes are held on Saturdays.


USACO Bronze Advanced:   11:15 am - 1:00 pm

USACO Silver - 1:                    9:15 am - 11:00 am

USACO Silver Advanced - 1: 9:15 am - 11:00 am


To maximize the learning of our students, space in each course is limited to 7 students.

Additional sections may be offered based on demand and instructor availability.

Online Meeting Dates

Classes meet every Saturday for 12 weeks, excluding the Thanksgiving weekend (Nov 24, 2018).

Courses start:  Sep 15, 2018

Courses end:   Dec 8, 2018

Make up date*: Dec 15, 2018


*Reserved for classes that need to be canceled due to instructor sickness or emergencies.

All online lectures will be recorded. If a student has to miss a class due to sickness or emergency, the online recording will be made available to them (limit 2 per semester).


All classes will use Zoom teleconferencing & A-Star Learning Management System (LMS) for instruction and homework assignments.

Expected commitment from each student is roughly 4 hours/week (including the online meetings). In addition to the online lectures, students will also be able to get help from their instructor and peers through email & the discussion forum during the week.

Students must have access to an electronic device capable of running Zoom (for online lectures) and a code development software (for homework assignments). Recommended code development software are CodeBlocks (for Windows/Linux), Xcode (for MacOS), or online IDEs (such as

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